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Child Protection Training Requirements

The Texas Baptist Camp Managers Conference, Inc., has written a training curriculum that was approved by the Department of State Health Services on April 18, 2006.
The curriculum provides a statewide uniform course that complies with the new mandated requirements. Each adult attending camp with children must complete a minimum of one clock-hour of training.The
test administered at the conclusion of the training must consist of a minimum of 25 questions

ownloads (below) include the training text, and the 25-question test. You may download the optional training video. The optional training video is a useful resource. It is possible to successfully teach/complete the course by using the training text only. The training text, and optional video, are designed for anyone to take or present to a group of adults.

This new training and certification of completion is mandatory for all adults and must be completed before attending camp. The registration/background check form and test exam must be completed and submitted before arrival at IP. Certification of completion of CPT will be given upon arrival at check-in. Adults are required to attend training at Isaish's Place on the first day of camp before they have contact with minors if they do not have an exam or have not completed training.

Every Adult who attends camp during the summer must take Child Abuse Prevention Training Course. Please check with the IP Director/Staff if you have any questons concerning your volunteer/work time at IP. You can download the materials here.

Printed Child Protection Information (print) and Exam (print).

Child Protection Video.(Watch Video Parts 1-4)



Hearing parents with deaf children
Deaf children with other deaf children

Parents of deaf with other parents of deaf
Everyone to Christ

Click on Deaf Connect for more information.

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Benefits of Horsemanship
Horse & Rider Nov 2010, says it best as to why we use horses in our work at IP: Horses: good for the inside and outside of kids (research from AYHC). The 2006 study found a significant positive relationship between total horsemanship skills development and life skills development. Horse-involved students gained advantages in decision making, communicating, goal setting, problem solving, and critical thinking.

Horsemanship Classes

Our IP Cowgirls are ready to work with your children on an individual family basis. If you are interested in visiting IP for horsemanship lessons please email us and we'll find a date that works for the IP Cowgirls and your family.

Horsemanship Signs
Several people have asked for Signs they can use for their horsemanship activities. IP uses the signs included on the slide show. Kaitlin Woodell is the young lady in the pics. She teaches young riders basic horsemanship using these signs as well as gestures, and added ASL vocabulary.Several of the deaf participants at Isaiah's Place helped construct the vocabulary.

Email IP and let us know if this helps!
American Sign Language Opportunities

ASL Sign Classes
Beginnig, Intermediate, and Religious Signing (Dates and Times on Activity Page

ASL Sign Workshops
Created for your Church or Community (Wonderful opportunity for small, rural areas)

We have an ASL Workshop we can bring to your church or your group. This includes handouts, DVD'S, videos, worksheets, hands-on practice. Cost is $10 per person. We would love to travel to your area to help you teach signing to your group!


Please contact us if you are interested in a weekend for this.

Email for information and reservations.

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