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 Our Deaf History Center Project

Deaf History Center Exhibit


We would love to bring the DHC Exhibit to your community, church, event or school. Email for details and dates.

Deaf History Center Funding Opportunities

Deaf History Center Budget – Phase 1
Materials, Books, and Equipment
 Large Book Stackable Display Units (2X $100)  
 Large Picture Display Easels (10 X $48)      
Biography Picture/Story Cabinet 
Brochures (1000 @ $340) 
Covered Glass Box for Vintage Book Display (1 @ $80)
Banner Stand & Vinyl Banner ($160)
 Brochure Display Rack – 8 pocket (1@ $46)
Total Materials, Books, Equipment  $    1,824
Website, Editing, Videoing, Research
Create webpage, maintain, edit
 Historical biographies and pictures research (20X$10)
 Editing videos ($40 per hour X 15 videos X 3 hours each)                
 Interpreting and voicing ASL Videos
($30 per hr with 8 hrs of actual recording)     
Translating and transcribing ASL videos for Closed Captions 
($30 X 3hrs x 3 videos) 
Total Website, Editing, Videoing, Research  $    3,710
Cargo Trailer and Advertising Signage
6 X 10 X 5 Cargo Trailer with Advertising Signage, Utility Cart     $    3,300
DHC Budget Phase I  $    8,834
Phase II – Facilities   
Deaf History Center – National Headquarters
IP Business office – Little house 1100 sq feet
Remodel – to add office, living/bedroom area     $  23,500
    (plus paint the inside of the Little House)
Mobile Educational Unit Budget 
Convert 24’ gooseneck – ac, paneling, lights - NA
Total Phase I and Phase II  $  32,334

Please email the link below if can help with the individual projects listed above with time, skills, or monetary contribuitons.  The Deaf History Center is unique National Center dedicated to the many successful deaf and their stories. YOU can be a part of this exciting project!




Email IP for information and questions.

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Thank you for spending a few minutes studying the details of this most important project.